Did we miss something? Just ask! info@campfuel.ca

When is the next Camp Fuel weekend happening? 
Not soon enough! June 5-7, 2020 - Registration opens soon - Join The Waitlist

Where is Camp Fuel Located?
We're setting up at a camp in Muskoka, approximately 2 hours north of Toronto. 

How much are tickets? 
Tickets are valued at $899-$999, but we have promo’s going on, be sure to grab your tickets as early as possible to save. All tickets include 3 days, 2 nights cabin accommodations, all meals (7), unlimited fitness classes, camp activities, drinks in the evening and so much more! Basically it’s an all inclusive weekend away!

How soon can I get there? 
Arrival time for campers is 11am on Friday June 7, 2019 - book the day off work and enjoy a long weekend! We find that campers really get the most out of their weekend, by kicking it off early with us. 

What can I expect from accommodations?
You get to choose between two true camp options. The first option: You’ll have a bed in a cabin that fits up to 10 people with a washroom & shower building close by. The second option is to get a bed in a lodge. Each lodge has 6 bedrooms with 2 bunk beds (4 people) in each room, so a total of 24 people per lodge. There are washrooms and showers in the shared portion of the lodge. When you purchase your ticket you can choose which accommodation option suits you and your budget best.

Are meals included?
Yep! We love to eat family style at Camp Fuel, there’s also a large salad bar with various options to choose from. All of your meals are provided at camp, including lunch soon after you arrive and lunch before you leave. We love feeding you. 

I’m vegan will there be options for me?
As if we would leave you starving! We can accommodate all dietary restrictions and allergies. When you purchase your ticket you’ll be asked about dietary restrictions and whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan.

I want to bunk with my friends, is that possible? 
You betcha! When you purchase your ticket, you'll be asked if there's anyone you want to bunk with. If you just realized that a friend of yours is also going - just shoot us an email at info@campfuel.ca with a list of cabin mates you want to bunk with and we'll make the arrangements. 

There are 24 of us, can we all bunk together? 
There’s a chance!  We only have a few lodges that can accommodate a group of that size. If you’re hoping to bring a large group of 24 people (amazing!) – email us asap at info@campfuel.ca and we’ll do our very best to make that happen. If not, we’ll make sure you’re in cabins close to each other. 

For some insane reason I can't convince any of my friends to come to camp with me. Should I even bother coming alone? 
Of course! Camp is all about making new friends. Come on your own and we'll put you in a cabin with lots of opportunities to bond with new people.

Is there an age restriction for Camp? 
You must be 19+ . Beyond that, you're good to go! This is a co-ed experience.

Are the bunk arrangements co-ed?
Yes and No. We will have co-ed options as well as male only and female only. If neither of those gender options make sense for you, let us know and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable. When you purchase your ticket you'll be asked for your bunk preference. 

Can I bring snacks with me? 
Heck yah! We only ask that whatever you bring is nut free as the camp is a completely nut free facility. We also provide snacks in the evening and there’s always fruit available throughout the day.


What can I expect from the schedule for the weekend?
Fun! Oh, you want more details than that?!?? Okay – we’ll have various group fitness classes with some of Toronto’s top instructors. Everything from Yoga-esque classes to Bootcamp along with all the regular camp fun that you would expect. High ropes, archery, SUP, canoeing, swimming, campfires and even arts and crafts. Check out the sample schedule from 2018. You'll be able to create your own schedule closer to camp. Here’s what our 2018 schedule looked like, expect even more options in 2019!

How can I sign up for classes? 
The earlier you purchase your tickets the sooner you'll have access to build your schedule! Once we get closer to camp and we have our entire schedule locked and loaded, you'll be sent an email for you to sign up for your classes. First tickets purchased means first opportunity to snag a spot in classes. 

Do you offer refunds? 
Just like any other festival, concert or event unfortunately we are not able to offer refunds. However, if you are unable to make it (we're so sorry!) you can transfer your ticket to a friend for a small $25 fee. Just email us the transfer details and we'll make the arrangements.  

How do I get there? 
We encourage you to carpool! Join our Facebook Community group to connect with amazing people who love helping out with ride share!

What should I bring with me? Do you have a packing list? 
Sure do! Here are some essentials that you should be bringing with you to camp: 
Sleeping bag (and any additional blankets or sheets you may want for your bed. Bedding is not provided)
Pillow and Pillow case
Running shoes
Active wear
Bathing Suit
Toiletries (shampoo, body wash, toothbrush etc.)
Warm clothing - it can get chilly in the evenings (sweater, toque, mitts etc. )
Reusable water bottle (There's drinking water available at camp, so bring a re-usable bottle to re-fill)
Insect repellent
Flip Flops
Rain jacket
Warm PJ's (Better to be warm than freezing)
Yoga Mat
Undies (we hemmed and hawed about adding this one, but didn't want anyone to forget and get their knickers in a twist)

Wait? Is there just the one weekend? 
The main event is just the one weekend, but keep an eye out for our ongoing events throughout the year that will bring everyone together for more excitement! We're all about building community, having fun and staying well.